Tuesday, 23 July 2013

PRESENT SIMPLE Vs CONTINUOUS englishgrammarsecrets.com

I was very excited when I found this website. I really like its design and its activities. This link is about the PRESENT SIMPLE and PRESENT CONTINUOUS so it is good for Survival and Waystage students. 

The first page: http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/presentsimpleorcontinuous/menu.php is an explanation of the grammar. It is a little dry and a little boring. So, I would not recommend it so much. But, the activities to practice are really good.

EXERCISE 1 http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/presentsimpleorcontinuous/exercise1.swf
This is an activity to choose whih is the Present Simple and which is the Present Continuous. It is really simple. All you need to do is move the sences into the right box. It is justb like your multimedia exercises in the Speaking Centre. It is also really good because you can:

  • See the correct answers
  • Check you answers
  • See a demonstration of how to do the exercise
This is a mix and match exercise. You have to match the answers to the questions. It is also similar to the Speaking Centre activities. It is very nice because it is clear and simple to use.

This exercise is not so exciting. You simply have to fill in the gaps. However, It is very good for practicing the two pieces of grammar.

This exercise is great to check if you have understood the grammar completely. You need to decide if the sentences are correct or incorrect.

I really like these exercises. If you do all four it will really help you to understand the PRESENT SIMPLE and PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSES.

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