Monday, 2 September 2013

PAST PERFECT Englishgrammarsecrets

This is an activity that is designed for Upper Waystage students and above. It is to practice the Past Perfect. I have taken some exercises from the excellent site Englishgrammarsecrets. 

This exercise is a mix and match exercise. You have to match a sentence that uses the past simple aith a sentence that uses the past perfect. This is a great exercise to demonstrate two things:

  1. The structure of the past perfect - we often use it with the past simple
  2. The reason we use it, to explain how two actions in the past link together

This is a very modern and technological activity. However, the objective is simple, you just need to put the sentences using the past perfect in the correct order.

This activity is very much like activity 1, but it also uses the past perfect in contracted form.

This activity is a very simple one, you just have to fill in the gaps. it is a good way to practice using the past perfect in context. You need to look at the sentence and see which verb goes where.

This one is a little more difficult because you have to fill in the gaps, but you also have to write in the correct answer, so it involves a little more throught

If you do all of these activities it will give you a far better understanding of the Past Perfect.

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