Monday, 11 November 2013


So, this is an activity that is good for Survival level but is also very good for every level. I have selected three online activities from a4esl.org. They are very good for practising countable and uncountable nouns. 

The first one is very simple. The activity will give you a noun and you must decide whether it is countable or uncountable. It is very simple, but good practice.http://a4esl.org/q/j/ck/ch-countnouns.html

The second activity helps you to practice words like so/many/any. You will get a sentence and must choose the correct word to go with the countable or uncountable noun. http://a4esl.org/q/f/x/xz37mpk.htm

The final activity is the most difficult. You need to select the right phrase for countables and uncountables http://a4esl.org/q/j/km/mc-noncount.html

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