Tuesday, 13 August 2013

PRESENT PERFECT Englishgrammarsecrets

Englishgrammarsecrets is one of my favourite websites. It has lots of great activities that you can do to practice grammar. It is very interactive just like the multimedia you do at Wall Street. 

This first activity http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/presentperfectorpastsimple/exercise1.swf works on practicing the Present Perfect and the Past Simple. You have to slide the sentences into the correct bixes.

The second activity http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/presentperfectorpastsimple/exercise2.swf lets you practice each grammar tense by matching sentences together. It is good for context and structure.

The third activity http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/presentperfectorpastsimple/exercise3.swf is my favourite. It is a fill in the gap activity where you have to choose the correct tense based on the context of the sentence.

The fourth actiovity http://www.englishgrammarsecrets.com/presentperfectorpastsimple/exercise4.swf is really interesting. It is very much like Wall Street's multimedia. You have to pick the correct answer between the Past Simple and the Present Perfect.

There are four great activities here and if you do all of them I am sure you will understand this grammar much better.

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